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Membership details for Collections Etc.’s
Green & Gold Savings Club

  • Membership is non-transferable.
  • Membership expires 1 year from the end of the month in which it was purchased.
  • 10% Membership Discount applies to the “Merchandise Total” on all purchases, except doll stands, surprise packages, phone specials, catalog and website clearance items (any item with a price ending in ”$.97” and "$.00).
  • IMPORTANT! If you choose to use a discount promo code and your membership at the same time, the discount promo code will be applied to your order first. Then the Membership Discount will be applied to that subtotal amount. Membership Discount does not apply to shipping and handling, order processing fee, or sales tax.
  • Ordering Online:
    In order to receive your 10% Membership Discount on, you must register for an account on the website and make sure you’re logged into that account before checking out.
  • Ordering by phone:
    Call (620) 584-8000. Your 10% Membership Discount will be applied automatically.
  • Ordering by mail:
    To ensure that you receive your 10% Membership Discount, please make sure to write your membership number on the order form (if this isn’t already filled in for you). Your membership number can be found on your packing slip. Also, please be sure to deduct the discount when calculating your total.
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We know that you're going to love being part of our Green & Gold Savings Club. However, if at any point you choose to cancel your membership before it expires, we'll gladly refund your $14.99 membership fee, less the amount you've already saved.