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Fun and Functional Solar String Lights

Who doesn’t love the warm twinkle in a set of solar string lights? These versatile luminaires bring a sense of cheer and brightness to just about any environment, whether it’s the patio, the backyard or the pergola! At Collections Etc. we know that our customers adore fun and unique string lights, so we offer great values on dozens of styles to suit whatever season, décor theme or occasion you can dream of. Shop the best variety of outdoor solar string lighting and pick up multiple styles that don’t break the bank.

Our solar garden string lights include a great selection of solar-powered Christmas lights as well as many seasonal options for year-round décor. String them up around your windows, on trees or along the fence for a super-festive, eco-friendly alternative to traditional Christmas lights. You can also pick out styles for spring, fall, Halloween and more to keep the cheer going year-round. Solar string lights are amazingly economical and eco-friendly — since they run on the sun, they require no electricity (and therefore no power costs) and most power on automatically as soon as the sun goes down.

Unique String Lights for All Occasions

In addition to holiday string lights, we also have a variety of unique, novelty lights here that can be used for parties, events or any situation where you want to bring fun and color to the outside of your home. We have colored globe lights, butterfly lights, owl lights, star lights and even birthday lights for your fun outdoor event. Of course, we also have many vintage-inspired bulb string lights and mini string lights that bring a trendy glimmer to your event. Collections Etc. makes it simple to find the outdoor lights you need at an incredible value!

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