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If you dread the idea of taking trips, you’ll be delighted by this assortment of unique problem-solvers from Collections Etc. Our team strives to identify unique pain points associated with hitting the road — from packing challenges to getting through security lines free of any snafus — and then curates extra-special products to help eliminate them. This department includes clever solutions for all sorts of travel, whether you’re taking a long-haul road trip, hopping on a plane or simply driving to a friend’s house and need safe, smart ways to cart your things.

Travel Essentials, Gifts and Problem-Solvers

We can take some of the stress out of packing for business and pleasure with sensible solutions such as well-made garment bags, slip-on shoes, jewelry storage boxes, pet travel cases and much more. Whether you need to pack and cart clothing, food, shoes or precious cargo, Collections Etc. can help you get it from point A to point B with little worry. We even have problem-solving luggage options, such as rolling tote bags and clear totes that help you pass through security checks faster, that make traveling and sight-seeing even more enjoyable.

Enjoy the Comforts of Home Anywhere

If you’re an adventurer, you’ll appreciate our handpicked assortment of must-have accessories for camping, road trips and backpacking. Make outdoor exploration a breeze with easy-to-use and affordable flashlights, travel-friendly Bluetooth speakers, electronic air pumps and more. When you need to create a home away from home anywhere, these products are sure to come in handy. With a unique selection that’s constantly evolving to include smart new solutions to everyday issues, the Collections Etc. problem solvers department is a great resource for anyone looking to make life simpler.

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